Alchemy Iced Tea Pack

Alchemy Iced Tea  Pack

Alchemy Iced Tea Pack

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1 x 750ml Peach Iced Tea

1 x 750ml Cucumber Iced Tea

1 x 750ml Lemon Iced Tea  

Is your cafe looking to offer house made Iced teas and tea sodas?

Alchemy's Single origin Ceylon Iced tea concentrates make it so easy. Just add 30 ml of the concentrate to 300 ml of still or sparkling water and a scoop of ice and a slice. There are 25 serves per 750 ml bottle.

This kit contains 1 x 750 ml Lemon Iced Tea Concentrate, 1 x 750 ml Peach Iced Tea concentrate, 1 x 750 ml Cucumber and Mint Iced Tea Concentrate and 3 x 7.5 ml pumps for easy accurate dosing.

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